Black Box N


Label – Kaer-Uiks

CAT – [KRX001]

Released – 12/13/2015

info –

To commemorate the debut release of the records division from krux, a large number of frequent collaborators from social networks, close acquaintances and local artists, have gathered to put together this compilation, featuring 47 compositions, ranging from original works, re-works of pre-existing tunes, remixes, collaborations and everything in between. There’s a fine line between thematic compilations and random collections of songs from multiple musicians, but this celebratory release from Kaer‘Uiks has already gained an identity, showcasing what’s to come for the label.

Boosting a multitude of genres from electric jolts of mechanical music, to post-modern Electro tunes with Techno influences, Abstract compositions layered with an array of dense glitches, to more melodic beat driven work, it’s wholesome to witness that an identity was kept through it’s extensive running time. Not one song feels out of place, partially since some of them are remixes and reworks of songs you’ve heard minutes before, giving an instant identity to the whole package. Each song feels like a complex but small molecule of a giant, always evolving functional amorphous body, where you can’t quite figure out what the last stage of its evolution will end up like. That’s where the thrill of digging through these art pieces resides: on rediscovering song after song something to enjoy, to find some detail you might have missed at first, whilst soaking in all the contributions from these crafters, that come from very different backgrounds and influences. Graciously coming together with genres, sensibilities and different approaches to sound manipulation, all these very different body parts come together to construct a fully-grown functional organism.

Whichever body piece you might enjoy the most from this creature, even if it’s just one small molecule, there’s certainly something inside to suit your sonic needs and to arouse your curiosity for what’s to come next.

Track/Artist List –


01-N1 _ Ap Hel – Reihen 16
02-N1 _ Bioexiform – Fluxx
03-N1 _ Flint Kids – Interference
04-N1 _ Generate – Arousal
05-N1 _ Grammar – Intentcity
06-N1 _ Inicolabug – Bakelite
07-N1 _ Jemapur – 195
08-N1 _ Jfrank – Siamo Appestati
09-N1 _ Missingsense – Dipole
10-N1 _ Mitoma – Pulapulli
11-N1 _ Mtch – VBFkt Ub
12-N1 _ Polyconaire – Poly.amp
13-N1 _ Syndrôm – En Boucle
14-N1 _ Syntax – Plank
15-N1 _ Vortex Count – Type II Superconductor
16-N1 _ Wirewound – Decelerating Device
17-N1 _ Yoshitaka Hikawa – DNL
18-N1 _ Yoshitaka Hikawa – k2rx
19-N1 _ Zyxt – Metier

20-N2 _ Ap Hel – Reihen 16 _ [Maka Remix]
21-N2 _ Bioexiform – Fluxx _ [Room of Wires Remix]
22-N2 _ Flint Kids – Interference _ [Jfrank Remix]
23-N2 _ Generate – Arousal _ [Roel Funcken Remix]
24-N2 _ Grammar – Intentcity _ [Mtch Remix]
25-N2 _ Inicolabug – Bakelite _ [Ap Hel Restrukt]
26-N2 _ Jemapur – 195 _ [Handsome Pixels Remix]
27-N2 _ Jfrank – Siamo Appestati _ [Defunkt Dialekt Remix]
28-N2 _ Missingsense – Dipole _ [Zyxt Bipole Mix]
29-N2 _ Mitoma – Pulapulli _ [Missingsense Remix]
30-N2 _ Mtch – VBFkt Ub _ [Yaporigami Remix]
31-N2 _ Polyconaire – Polyamp _ [Inicolabug Remix]
32-N2 _ Syndrôm – En Boucle _ [Seiswork Remix]
33-N2 _ Syntax – Plank _ [Ynaktera Eta Carinae Mix]
34-N2 _ Vortex Count – Type II Superconductor _ [Yoshitaka Hikawa Remix]
35-N2 _ Wirewound – Decelerating Device _ [Trdlx Egyptian Funk Mix]
36-N2 _ Yoshitaka Hikawa – DNL _ [Robert Lippok Machinegunpogo Remix]
37-N2 _ Yoshitaka Hikawa – k2rx _ [Ap Hel Restrukt]
38-N2 _ Zyxt – Metier _ [Mitoma Remix]

39-N3 _ Ap Hel – 0.96875 Everythingness
40-N3 _ Defunkt Dialekt – My Intent is Clear
41-N3 _ Flint Kids – Interference _ [Defunkt Dialekt Remix]
42-N3 _ Flint Kids – Interference _ [Inicolabug Remix]
43-N3 _ Handsome Pixels – Heavy Meltal
44-N3 _ Inicolabug – Low Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD)
45-N3 _ Maka – Clockwork
46-N3 _ Mtch – ThFtrLuk
47-N3 _ Yoshitaka Hikawa – HzO

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