Cheerful Hypocrisy


Label – Metropolis Records


Released – 9/11/2015

Info –

SNOG™, a leading global entertainment brand, in association with Metropolis Records and Schmerck Industries, present “Cheerful Hypocrisy’ a timely and very constructive message of mindfulness and well-being.
Utilising the sciences of happiness and social optimisation, ‘Cheerful Hypocrisy’ moves with an energetic swing and makes an enthusiastic contribution to psychosomatic productivity and trans-humanist rationality. Lyrically and musically refined to maximise behavioural economic growth and social capital, ‘Cheerful Hypocrisy’ lauds calculated hedonism and rewards market-responsible libertarianism through vaudevillian verve and electro-pop precision.
The savvy consumer will also benefit from a stable of thoroughbred reworks and remixes, research guided for aerobic and strategic performance enhancement. Among the renowned corporate partners are Angelspit, Architect and Iszoloscope, with deft statements that range from the dance-floor decimation of Ross Healy’s ‘Automata Remix’, to the minimal tech of The Gnome’s ‘Patriotic Disco Remix’ and the bold existentialism of Cray’s ‘Samsung Remix’.
Socially aware and performance focussed, you deserve ‘Cheerful Hypocrisy’.


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