Elas EP


Label – n5MD

CAT – MD240

Released – 9/4/2015

Info –

The Elas EP is (ghost)’s new companion maxi-ep to his A Vast and Decaying Appearance (2014) album. This EP features some similarly themed tracks to its predecessor as well as a couple new ones by (ghost) himself. Also included are remixes from n5MD artists both new and old: A warm lurching glitched-up throbber from more recent n5 producer Ocoeur; Proem provides some much needed maxim-aggro-propulsion; Roel Funcken drops a remix which finds him in top-other worldly-form; And Portland’s new nom de plume Zyxt provides a more upbeat electro take on (ghost)’s warm original. While the Elas EP is a selection of reworks and remixes this collection has a steady flow and mood that makes it sound more as a cohesive whole than a series of collected tracks which further lays testament to the now unmistakable n5MD sound.